PH-PLUS Improves the Quality of Spray Water:

PH-PLUS is used as Water Softener and pH Conditioner. It is a combination of 5 Environmental Friendly products that improve the quality of Spray Water in the tank mix, increasing the performance of pesticides.

The Problems with Using Poor Quality Water:

Reduces pesticides effectiveness
Increases dosages of Pesticides used to be effective
Increases production costs
Creates pest resistance
The above problems result in a negative impact on the Environment

PH-PLUS, when used in a pesticide tank mix, has the following beneficial effects:

  • Acidifies: Reduces pH of the water to a proper level (± pH 4.5) ideal for Pesticides
  • Softens Water Hardness: It neutralizes carbonate and bicarbonate of Ca, Mg salts, etc.
  • pH Indicator: Changes color automatically as pH changes (the color pink is ideal)
  • Buffer: Makes the pH remain constant
  • Wetting Agent & Surfactant: Reduces “surface tension“ for better distribution on foliar area

PH-PLUS is recommended to be used with Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Foliar Nutrients, Growth Regulators, and more:

  1. PH-PLUS improves the performance of the pesticide
  2. PH-PLUS reduces the amount of pesticides deposited in the environment
  3. Because PH-PLUS increases the pesticides performance, it reduces the likelihood of pest resistance

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