An Environmental Friendly Botanical insecticide & nematicide.

It has a broad spectrum Insecticide and nematicide that controls more than 131 species of insects such as Lepidopteran Worms, Leaf miners, Aphids, Thrips, and Nematodes; such as Radopholus spp, Meloidogyne spp, Pratylenchus spp, Helicotylenchus spp, etc.

Environmentally Safe

NEEM-X is an Environmentally Friendly Product. It is safe for operator, domestic animals, environment, etc. NEEM-X is biodegradable in the environment. Also, it does not cause pest resistance and can be used in rotation with other chemical pesticides to delay pest resistance development of chemical pesticides. NEEM-X is approved for Organic Cropping.

How does it work

NEEM-X is produced via a patented extraction method that PRESERVES intact 23 limonoides in the Neem seed. These limonoides control a broad spectrum of Insects and Nematodes:

  • Block the synthesis of the hormone Ecdyson produced by two prothoracic glands located in the thorax, preventing molting during metamorphosis (egg, larva or nymph, pupa and adult), causing the death of Insects and Nematodes.
  • Paralysis of the chewing mouthparts.
  • Stops the feeding mechanism.
  • Repellent effects.

Exempt and Organic Cropping

The active ingredient of NEEM-X is exempt of tolerance of residue in treated crops. Because it is environmentally safe, NEEM-X is approved for Organic Cropping.

Preharvest Intervals

There is no preharvest interval, because the active ingredient is exempt from tolerance of residues. NEEM-X can be sprayed the same day of harvest.


NEEM-X can be used in the same frequency as other insecticides in a Pest Management Program (every 5-7 Days). To improve and maximize the performance, it is recommended to use in combination with PH-PLUS.

PH-PLUS reduces the pH (4.5-5.5) and softens the hardness of the water (neutralizing carbonate salts) in the tank mix. Water Alkalinity and Hardness in the tank mix will make NEEM-X biologically inactive.