Environmentally Safe

BIOTAC is an Environmentally Friendly product. It is safe for operator, domestic animals, etc. BIOTAC biodegrades rapidly in the environment.

Organic Cropping

The active ingredients in BIOTAC are approved and recommended for use in Organic Cropping.

Color Trapping Plastic Bands

BIOTAC is used for insect monitoring. Also is used to place physical barrier of put primary defenses (Plastic Bands) to collect flying insects infesting the crop field, warehouses, greenhouses, etc.

How does it works

BIOTAC is recommended for monitoring insect infestation to the crop, such as adults of Lepidoptera, Aphids, Thrips, Coleopteran, Homopteran, etc. BIOTAC can be sprayed or painted on the surface of trapping plastic bands of different colors such as green, yellow or blue to attract specific insects. As the insect get in contact with the treated surface of the plastic band, they get “cemented” or “glued” to the plastic band surface and die.

Preharvest Intervals

There is no preharvest interval, because the active ingredient is exempt from tolerance of residues. BIOTAC can be sprayed the same day of harvest.