Insecticide Biological

NEWBT SL & NEW Bt WP are Biological Insecticides utilizing Bacillus thuringiensis, v. kurstaki.

What is NEWBT?

NEWBT is Environmental Friendly Biological Insecticide that is formulated as a Wettable Powder formulation (2X WP, 6.4 WP) and Liquid Suspension formulation (8L and 3.5 SL). The active ingredient of NEWBT is a potent biological insecticide based in the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis v. kurstaki, a Gram-positive, soil dwelling bacterium that occurs naturally. NEWBT controls a wide spectrum of larva of the order Lepidoptera that feeds and causes damages on many crops around the world.

NEWBT has little or no effect on humans, wildlife, pollinators, and most other beneficial insects.

Environmentally Safe

  • NEWBT is an Environmentally Friendly Product. It is safe for operator, domestic animals, environment, etc.
  • NEWBT effectively controls the larva stages of the Lepidopteran larva, without affecting the applicator, and leave no residues
  • NEWBT is recommended for Organic Cropping
  • NEWBT components will biodegrade rapidly in the environment. It does not cause pest resistance.
  • NEWBT can be used in rotation with other chemical pesticides to delay pest resistance development of chemical pesticides.

How does it works

The active ingredients of NEWBT are the spores and crystals produced by fermentation of the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis v. Kurstaki. After spraying NEWBT on the plant foliage, the active ingredient is ingested by the Lepidopteran larva. Inside the larva, NEWBT destroys the gut cell walls and the spores germinate inside the insects. NEWBT Immediately paralyzes the feeding mechanisms of the insects and causes septicemia inside the larva. The larva dies due to septicemia.

EPA Exempt and Organic Cropping

The active ingredient of NEWBT is exempt of tolerance of residue in treated crops. Because it is environmentally safe, NEWBT is approved for Organic Cropping.

Pre-harvest Intervals

There is no pre-harvest interval, because the active ingredient is exempt from tolerance of residues. NEWBT can be sprayed the same day of harvest.


NEWBT can be used in the same frequency as other insecticides in a Pest Management Program (every 5-7 Days). To improve the Insecticidal performance of NEWBT, it is recommended to be used in combination with PH-PLUS.
PH-PLUS reduces the pH (4.5-5.5) and softens the water hardness (neutralizing carbonate salts) the spraying solution in the tank mix. Water Alkalinity and Water Hardness will make bacteria crystals biologically inactive.