CyToKin 99% SP and CyToKin 10% belong to a group of Plant Growth Regulators called Cytokinin.

  • Naturally extracted from the marine algae Laminaria spp, Fucus sp y Ascophyllum sp
  • Safe for humans and Environmentally Friendly

Marketing Arm International, Environmentally Friendly Products, Plant Growth Regulator, CyToKinEffects on Plants

  • Promotes cell division.
  • Promotes buds formation.
  • Promotes foliage formation and growth.
  • Promotes stomas opening.
  • Promotes the accumulation of chlorophylls.
  • Promotes Fruit Formation.
  • Delays yellowing of leafy vegetables.
  • Stimulate seed germination.
  • Promotes plant growth, flowering and fruit size and formation.
  • Helps the plant during stress due to lack of water and drought.
  • Improves the plant calcium absorption.

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