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Cultivation: Rice

Variety: Fedearroz 50 and Anar 2006

Finca Virginia
San Isidro, Matagalpa


Weed 1 - Noweed, Newkill
Weed 2 - Mapclorax

Foliar Fertilizer:

Newfols, mixing sequence for foliar application of: Ph PlusHerbicide, Xenic Fungicide


  • Rice emerged completely clean of weeds, controlling outbreaks of echinocloa, leptocloa and red rice with Mapclorax.
  • Full Control of fungi and bacteria, reaching the rice harvest completely healthy.
  • The plant height, greenery and intensity, size and number of panicles of grains per panicle were optimized to achieve an average yield of 130 qq / mz, where previously obtained 40qq/mz.

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