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Lynx 24 SC

LYNX is a Systemic Bactericide & Fungicide of a Broad Spectrum Control of fungal and bacterial plant diseases in 145 crops worldwide. LYNX is the only product in the world with a patented process that chealetes the metallic Cu and make this molecule be able to be absorbed systemically inside the plant.

Environmentally Safe

LYNX is an Environmentally Friendly Product. It is safe for operator, domestic animals, environment, etc. LYNX is biodegraded rapidly in the environment and inside the plant. Also, it does not cause pest resistance and can be used in rotation with other chemical pesticides to delay pest resistance development of chemical pesticides. LYNX is an Environmental friendly product that is approved for use in Organic Cropping. Because of the systemic effect of LYNX, it reduces by 98% the Cu amount going in to the environment when using conventional copper fungicides.

Exempt and Organic Cropping

The active ingredient of LYNX is exempt of tolerance of residue in treated crops, so LYNX can be used in the Export Crops, without the problems of illegal pesticide residues. Also, LYNX is approved and recommended for used in Organic Cropping.

How does it works

The Copper is absorbed systemically in the plant and “protect internally” against the bacterial and fungus diseases. In the conventional copper fungicides, the active ingredient stays outside the plants on the foliage as a “protectant”. Because of the systemic effect of LYNX, it reduces by 98% the Copper amount applied to crops and sprayed into the environment when using conventional copper fungicides.

LYNX has been effectively used for the control of bacteria and fungus in crops worldwide, such as ornamental, vegetables, herbs, cereals, raw crops, forest, fruits trees, export crops such as coffee, sugarcane, plantain, banana, etc.

Preharvest Intervals

There is no preharvest interval, because the active ingredient is exempt from tolerance of residues. LYNX can be sprayed the same day of harvest.


LYNX can be used in the same frequency as other insecticides in a Pest Management Program (every 5-7 Days). To improve performance, it is recommended to use LYNX in combination with PH-PLUS to the mixing tanks. PH-PLUS reduces the pH (4.5-5.5) and softens the hardness of the water (neutralizing carbonate salts) in the tank mix. Water Alkalinity and Hardness in the tank mix will make LYNX biologically inactive.

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