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Bactericide Fungicide
Foliar Fertilizer
Insecticide Biological
Insecticide Botanical
Monitoring Insects
Root Enhancer
Soil Water Management
Spray Adjuvant
Water Softener

Marketing Arm International has a wide range of outstanding quality and high performance products which are distributed to the agricultural markets throughout the world. Our products are used by farmers, agronomists and home owners, in pest management programs to protect plant health.

  • Biological and Botanical Insecticides which are approved for Organic Cropping.
  • Organic and Botanical Bactericides & Fungicides which are also approved for Organic Cropping.
  • Botanical Nematicides which are Organic in nature.
  • Natural Plant Growth Regulators.
  • Herbicides.
  • Insect Monitoring Products.
  • Water Softener that reduces pH and hardness in the Spray Water for Pesticides uses; Improves performance and reduce the waste and amount of pesticides going into the environment. It is also approved for use in Organic Cropping.
  • Adjuvant that improves Penetration and Performance of Pesticides in all Crops.
  • A line of Bio-Stimulants that improves Nutritional Deficiencies of plants.

Marketing Arm International, Inc. is proud to be a “Green Company”. We believe in the distribution of environmentally friendly products not only to preserve the environment but also to give the best result and performance on agricultural crops.