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Marketing Arm International, Inc is an international company, based in Charlotte County, Florida, USA. Our experienced personnel are dedicated to market research, innovation, and continuous market development for the agricultural market, always focusing on our primary goal; the preservation of the environment.

We have been manufacturing and distributing environmentally friendly products for over 15 years. We pride ourselves in contributing to not only the protection of crops, but also to protecting the environment of our planet.


Founder and CEO, Jose A. LopezMarketing Arm International, Inc. is committed to the development and marketing of environmentally friendly products (Insecticides, Fungicides, Bactericides, Herbicides, Bio-Nutritionals, Plant Growth Regulators, Insect Monitoring, Spray Water Softeners, etc.) that are used by farmers, agronomists, and homeowners around the world for their Pest Management Programs.

All personnel of Marketing Arm International; including Field Technicians, Manufacturing, Development, Marketing, and Business Logistics have the same goals:

  • To supply top quality and high performance products to the agricultural markets throughout the world
  • To supply agricultural products that are friendly and safe to our environment


Marketing Arm International, Inc. has a wide range of environmentally friendly products:

  • Biological and Botanical Insecticides which are approved for Organic Cropping
  • Organic and Botanical Bactericides and Fungicides, which also are approved for Organic Cropping
  • Botanical Nematicides which are organic in nature
  • Natural Plant Growth Regulators
  • Herbicides
  • Insect Monitoring Products
  • A Water Softener product that reduces pH and hardness in the spray water for pesticides uses; improves performance and reduces the waste and amount of pesticides going into the environment. It is also approved for use in Organic Cropping
  • Adjuvant that improves penetration and performance of pesticides in all crops
  • A line of Bio-Stimulants that improves nutritional deficiencies in plants

"Green Company"

Marketing Arm International, Inc. is proud to be a "Green Company." We believe in the distribution of environmentally friendly products not only to preserve the environment but also to give the best result and performance on agricultural crops.


An 8-Time Award Winning Company

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2011 Earth Charter US Sustainable Business Award
People, Planet & Profit - Tampa, FL

2011 Florida Business Person of the Year
South Florida District and State Winner - Tampa, FL

2011 US Small Business Administration
Washington, DC

2011 White House Champion of Change
Washington, DC

2011 Minority Global Supplier Distributor of the Year
Minority Enterprise Development Week - Atlanta, GA

45th Governor of the State of Florida Rick Scott,
2011 Export Excellence Award
Business Diversification Awards - Tallahassee, FL

2012 Think Global Exporter of the Year Award

2012 Florida Companies to Watch
University of Central Florida and Grow Florida
Orlando, FL

What is a “Green Company”

Green companies show an outstanding committment to protecting the environment through reduction of their resource footprint.

Businesses account for the consumption of vast amounts of resources, from office materials such as paper and plastics, to electricity and water.

Green companies also adopted environmentally friendly policies within their current business models.

These companies take their committement to the environment seriously and realize the economic savings that can be gained from a more environmentally friendly approach to business.